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Business Intelligence and Data Center Technology Solutions

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Stack41 specializes in designing and delivering transformational technology solutions to small and medium sized enterprise organizations. Our solutions fall into two distinct but connected areas.

Our Data Science practice delivers “Big Data” Business self-service analytics solutions to organizations whose leaders seek to access to and work independently with their data, even though they have no technology or analytics background themselves.  We also deliver an inherently secure, fully integrated solution suite for Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring, management and data point collection.

Our Technology Solutions practice delivers cloud and virtualized data center services to our customers. We own and operate a private hardware “stack” and are our own Internet Service Provider in a purpose-built Tier III+ (heavy power and systems redundancy). Customers pay only for resources consumed, which is cheaper than server ownership, and allows them to keep track of costs which is very difficult in the public cloud space. We encourage tours of the data center, located on Milwaukee’s west side, to emphasize its merits versus any other facility being considered.

For either practice, our methodology is consistent. We discuss client objectives and current business environment, then deliver a Statement of Work (SoW), which outlines the business needs together with a proposed solution outline and projected costs.

We then work in direct collaboration with the client to gather information to construct and deliver a complete, fully integrated document consisting of a comprehensive needs assessment with a deliverable “Road Map”, outlining benefits, risks, economies, resource requirements, timeframes and finalized costs.

The Road Map dictates the creation and implementation of the final product that opens up new avenues of business for the client organization or allows them to compete effectively and be an application technology leader in their industry.

The Stack41 team has a substantial track record of successful engagements in various industry verticals, including healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, construction, water management, construction, insurance and e-commerce.

Our customers concentrate on the “secret sauce” that makes their business different and successful while they have Stack41 deliver the expertise for the design, planning and execution of strategic initiatives.


Data Science - Big Data Analytics

Businesses generate a huge amount of data. That data is a unique reflection of the operations of the organization that produces it. Once compiled and analyzed, the data represents a treasury of concise insights into a business. Our team of data scientists works closely with our clients to create self-service business intelligence tools that help the management team identify how to drive new initiatives, growth and revenue.

Data Science - Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is “the internetworking of physical devices, embedded with technology, that enable them to collect and exchange data”. Applied IoT enables a business to data-enable its products and differentiate itself from its competitors. We are not merely consultants. Our practical IoT platform is inherently secure and our team is highly experienced in building output specifically designed in cooperation a customer to deliver the information vital to current and future business performance.

Technology Solutions Application Hosting

Every business has its mission-critical applications that must be highly available and responsive. Perhaps it’s a database, or CAD drawings, or medical images.
Our customers benefit from being within a 50-mile “watershed” radius of our network “edge” data center. Customer with sensitive applications are connected to our infrastructure via a secure, private line to leverage our expertise, meet compliance standards and have access to scalable, secure, inexpensive bandwidth from our data center.

Technology Solutions Private Local Cloud

Why spend more money on an obsolete, expensive private data closet? Our Private Local Cloud delivers the all of the benefits of keeping applications in-house, at a lower cost. At Stack41, we deliver world-class performance of mission-critical applications, add a high level of customer service and handcraft infrastructure and network solutions to the needs of individual applications for economical and successful IT outcomes.

Technology Solutions Data Center Enablement

Stack41 service-enables any data center, commercial or private. Today’s commercial data centers must offer fully integrated network and cloud services in order to simply be competitive. Our services deliver reduced sales cycle time and increased revenue margins. Organizations operating their own private data center must service-enable it to deliver applications to internal users, reducing costs, driving efficiencies and new revenue opportunities. Stack41 has the expertise, experience and proven blueprint to make enablement a reality.

What our clients have to say

Stack41 helped re-define the application platform and network for improved latency to stabilize the performance metrics required by our customers. The support and guidance they have provided has proved to be extremely valuable, and much appreciated.

Carol Dineen Management Research Services

Before working with Stack41, we hosted our own applications. We had service outages due to building infrastructure failures and lack of in-house IT expertise.

Stack41 improved security, availability and performance by connecting us with our host data center over a private line. Migration of our applications data was fast and easy and we're happy our mission-critical data is in a more secure environment

Chris Meinecke Marcus Investments

Stack41 manages our network needs. As an ISP in their own right they can help us get the right solution for our colocation customers. They design; source and implement private connections back to us, over dark or lit fiber, using their years of experience.
Whatever we need, they can do, and we know that it will be done correctly, first time, on budget with minimal oversight.

Stacy England Data Holdings

The whole experience of working with you was amazing, and the ability to put a backend on a production level server was a perfect way to truly make our work shine. I want you to know what this did for getting our team's project off the ground and what it means to Seiva.

Robert Moon Seiva Technologies

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